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If you want to help others and are looking into working in the medical industry, you may want to consider a nursing program. The following articles all discuss how to get into nursing and what you can do with a nursing degree.

Applying to Nursing School Hercules CA

Accreditation of the nursing program is very important, and it should be considered on two levels—the accreditation of the university or college and the accreditation of the nursing program itself. Accreditation is a voluntary process in which the school or the program asks for an external review of its programs, facilities, and faculty. For nursing programs, the review is performed by peers in nursing education to ensure program quality and integrity.

Nursing Curriculum Hercules CA

A standard basic or generic baccalaureate program in nursing is a four-year college or university education that incorporates a variety of liberal arts courses with professional education and training. It is designed for high school graduates with no previous nursing experience.

Nursing Programs Hercules CA

If you have no health-care experience, it might be best to gain some insight into the field by volunteering or working part-time in a care facility such as a hospital or an outpatient clinic. Talking to nurse professionals about their work will also help you determine how your attributes may apply to the nursing field.

Nursing: One of the Fastest-Growing Professions Hercules CA

There are more than 2 million jobs for nurses, and the profession is one of the top ten occupations expected to offer the largest amount of new jobs in the coming years. If, like many prospective college students, you're thinking about finding a career where you are helping people, then nursing can fulfill that goal.

The ABCs of Nursing Degrees Hercules CA

When it comes to nursing education, there are a lot of acronyms flying around. Not sure what they all mean? Here are some common abbreviations used in the field of nursing. Read on.