Pre-Med New York NY

Do you dream of going to medical school to one day become a doctor? Before you can get there you have to start out as a pre-med student, and these articles will help you to get on your way.

Planning Ahead: Medical School New York NY

Going to medical school is an admirable goal and preparing for it starts as early as 10th grade! If you’re still in high school and you know you want to become a medical doctor, now is the time to get a head start.

Pre-Med Curriculum: Get Your Science On New York NY

Med schools look for well-rounded students, so taking courses in the humanities and social sciences works to your advantage, as does participation in leadership and extracurricular activities.

What to Look for When Choosing a Pre-Med Program New York NY

Most med schools require a year of college-level biology, general chemistry, organic chemistry, and physics as pre-med prerequisites. (Sometimes biochemistry is also required.) With that in mind, you may want to look for schools that have particularly good reputations in the sciences.