The IB Program Cheyenne WY

The IB Program offers three programs: the Primary Years Programme, the Middle Years Programme, and the Diploma Programme. These programs are intended to help students foster a sense of community with the world at large, foster a sense of cultural awareness and to help them learn as much as possible to the best of their abilities in a wide range of fields.

Hallmarks of the IB Program Curriculum Cheyenne WY

As an IB student, you will study both humanities and science by choosing one subject from each of the six core areas. Three to four of your courses must be at the higher level, entailing approximately 240 hours of instructional time. The upper-level courses require more time for completion than lower-level coursework, and the difference in instructional time enables you to study some subjects more thoroughly.

The IB Program: Changing the World - Peterson's Cheyenne WY

If you’re a visionary who dreams of global unity through peaceful cooperation and understanding, attending a school which offers an International Baccalaureate (IB) diploma may be right up your alley. IB programs are currently offered at schools around the world, inspiring critical thinking and compassion in students from the elementary to high school level.