The Military Greeley CO

Active military members and veterans alike receive benefits relation to college and education. The military offers to pay for college for their members and often will also help dependents and family of veterans and active members.

Army ROTC Scholarship Greeley CO

ROTC units are located on college campuses and provide military training for a few hours a week. By participating in ROTC, you can become an officer and be eligible for financial aid. The military trains you and pays you to learn at the same time. Through the ROTC program, you can become an officer in the Army, Air Force, or Navy. Students interested in the Marine Corps can participate in Naval ROTC.

Education Benefits for Dependents of Veterans Greeley CO

There are several criteria you must meet in order to be considered eligible for Dependents’ Educational Assistance Program. Primarily, you must be the son, daughter, or spouse of a veteran who meets at least one of these criteria: Has died or is permanently disabled as the result of an incident which must must have arisen from active service in the Armed Forces.

Extra Tuition Assistance for Veterans Greeley CO

Beyond GI Bill assistance, there are additional benefits available for veterans of active military service. You may or may not be able to combine these with your other VA benefits, but they’re worth a gander if there’s a chance that they can help reduce the overall cost of your education.

GI Bill Education Benefits Greeley CO

For many students, the reason for postponing college comes down to one very simple fact—they just can’t afford it. With no scholarships or grants, and not enough cash in the bank to cover what financial aid doesn’t, college may seem to be a distant dream.