Visual & Performing Arts Hinesville GA

If you are interested in visual or performing arts, find out if attending an art school would be the right choice for you. These articles will tell you all about applying, portfolios, and how to turn your art degree into a career.

A Career in Graphic Design Hinesville GA

For an artist with an eye for people and their needs and desires, graphic design seems a logical choice - it allows you to utilize your talent in a productive and satisfying career. In the arts industries, the graphic design area is expected to continue to grow at an average pace, and to create more job availability than all the other creative arts industries combined.

Applying to Professional Colleges for Art and Music Hinesville GA

To start Applying to Professional Colleges for Art and Music in Hinesville, your application essay probably won't be the thing that sways the admission committee. Most professional art and music colleges require evidence of your talent, skill, or ability. Thus, you should expect to provide that proof via an audition or a portfolio of your best work.

Be a Star at Your Music Audition Hinesville GA

If you’ve ever performed in a play or musical, then you’re probably familiar with sweating through an audition. Even if you’re not, pursuing a degree in dance or music will probably require you to endure at least one. However, auditions for college admission may be a bit different from singing a cappella in front of the high school choir director — this is serious business!

Lights! Camera! Action! Hinesville GA

In many liberal arts schools, entrance into a theater arts program probably won’t require you to audition. However, if you’re pursuing a Bachelor of Fine Arts (B.F.A.) in Theater, you will very likely be required to audition, and you should probably find that out before you go much further in your college application process!

Pointers for Your Dance Audition Hinesville GA

College dance auditions are…well, a different song and dance from musical or theatrical auditions. They often require you to attend an open class the day before (or even the day of) auditions. There you’ll learn, along with everyone else, a routine that usually consists of a performance piece combining improvisation, ballet, modern, and rhythmic dance.

Smart Art Portfolios Hinesville GA

Specialized art colleges usually request that you submit an average of ten pieces of art, but quality can be more important than quantity. The admission office staff will review your artwork and transcripts to assess your skill and potential for success.